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Troubleshooting Connection Quality

Last Updated: Apr 27, 2014 06:28PM UTC
This article covers connection quality measures, if your having trouble connecting please see this article.

iSitter requires a continuous data flow between the 2 devices, whilst most people won't experience any issues with their connection sometimes problems can occur.

As of version 2.41 iSitter has some visual feedback on the quality of your signal. Note that this indicator is quite fast to show a bad signal as iSitter adapts to the signal but when the signal improves it will take a longer time to take advantage of the better bandwidth and show a higher reading.

Signal Quality Indicator Bars

The signal quality bars provide an overall measure of "how hard" iSitter is having to work to maintain a continuous timely audio stream. Lower signal bar indication means that iSitter is increasing its audio buffers and reducing audio (and image) quality to try to avoid breaks in the audio.

Buffer / Audio Quality Bar

The length of the buffer bar indicates how full iSitters audio buffers are. This bar turns red when iSitter is resorting to sending audio at half quality.

More advanced indicators.

More detail is available on iSitters connection status, you can display this debugging information by pressing and holding on the camera image on the monitor device.

This real time information is quite useful if you want to move your devices around to get the best signal. Aim for locations which give the lowest possible value for "Latency".

You can also see the last time the connection "glitched" which can be a useful measure.

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