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Getting Started with iSitter

Last Updated: Sep 08, 2015 12:39PM UTC


Thanks for trying iSitter.

iSitter is an application which connects 2 iPads or iPhones and allows you to use them as a baby monitor.


iSitter requires a good medium bandwidth signal to work. In Bluetooth mode the devices talk directly, and in WiFi mode they talk through your existing wifi network. iSitter Connect will allow you to use iSitter wherever the 2 devices have a reasonable internet connection.

Remember iSitter requires a constant connection to transmit non delayed audio all the time, other network uses such as browsing and streaming video can cope with intermittent network drop outs a lot better.

Factors that can affect your connection


  • Distance between devices
  • Objects and walls in the line of sight between devices
  • Other devices on the Bluetooth 2.4Mhz frequency (video senders, cordless phones, wifi networks..)
  • Direction that your devices are facing can make a big difference


  • Distance from either device and your wifi router
  • Objects and walls in the line of sight between either device and your wifi router
  • Other wifi networks on the same channel
  • Commercial wifi networks (e.g. Hotspots and Hotels) where inter device communication is banned for security
  • Direction that your devices are facing can make a big difference
  • Stop devices scanning for wifi networks (settings, wifi, ask to join networks = OFF)

iSitter Connect

  • Available internet bandwidth
  • ‚ÄčOther users of the internet connection
  • Poor WiFi reception‚Äč
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