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Last Updated: Jan 18, 2014 09:44AM UTC
As from RSSRadio7 Podcast Downloader 1.11 an important feature in the form of archiving has been added.

Classic RSSRadio had a function where you could swipe to delete in the Podcast subscription detail screen (the list of shows), this was pretty handy for manually managing the list of shows in that list and quite a few people have been lamenting the lack of that function in RSSRadio7.
I didn't want to directly bring back the swipe to delete as it was flawed in a number of ways
  • there was no way to get a show back once deleted
  • that list of shows now no longer is a representation of what is on the server, in theory the podcast publisher should control this list

The new archiving function solves all these problems, you can choose to have shows automatically put in the archive in the settings or put them there manually. Eagle eyed readers will notice this replaces the old "ignore older than" setting. (note: "ignore older than" was there to improve performance, but in doing so i think made things more confusing as shows would vanish)

Once shows are in the archive they now stay there forever, i have been careful to optimise RSSRadio7 so that shows in the archive don't have any effect on performance, in fact having all possible shows in the database has actually sped up feed refreshing. Shows in the archive don't have downloaded files attached, so take almost no space on your device.
You can of course restore shows from the archive at your leisure, if the show would be re-archived automatically RSSRadio will let you know and you can set the "to keep" flag automatically in the same action.

So there you go, i'll expect everybody to have neat subscription show lists from now on!
Note that not using the archiving function can have a detrimental affect on performance.


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