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Last Updated: Jul 29, 2015 08:15AM UTC

The settings screen controls options which affect the way RSSRadio works overall.

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Device Settings

This option provides a quick check that your device settings and permissions are right for using RSSRadio.


Add categories to organise your podcasts and make playlists

Now Playing

Change now playing settings

Interface Options

Control aspects of the user interface such as hiding empty playlists, or changing icon sizes

Default Subscription Settings

The default subscription setting control the settings for newly added subscriptions. You can also copy these setting to existing subscriptions.

Icon Badge

You can set what the badge on RSSRadio on your device home screen represents. Set this to your preference.

Cellular Downloads

Setting this setting will prevent RSSRadio downloading shows over cellular data. You can tap an individual download to override.

Cellular Refresh

Setting this setting will prevent RSSRadio polling for new shows over cellular data. You can still use the podcast directory.

Download Notification

RSSRadio will show an alert when a new show is downloaded.

New Show Notification

RSSRadio will show an alert in the notification centre if a new show is posted to a subscription set to manual downloads, or if an automatic download has not completed in a reasonable time.

Vote in Top Podcasts

This sets whether your subscriptions affect the top lists in the RSSRadio podcast directory. Turn this on to support your favourite podcasts and increase their visibility to other RSSRadio users.

Simultaneous Downloads

This controls how many downloads RSSRadio will perform at one time. Reduce this to increase system performance during downloading.

Refresh Every

This controls how often RSSRadio will wake up and check for new shows, delete old files and apply other settings. Unless you need to save battery more frequently will produce better results. Setting a high value will result in listened shows hanging around taking up disk space longer than necessary.


Set this to a low setting if device performance is poor during refreshing

Backup and Sync

Backup your data or sync multiple devices using Dropbox or iCloud.

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