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Performing an Advanced Migration from RSSRadio Classic

Last Updated: Aug 08, 2016 08:19PM UTC
It is possible for very technical users to perform an advanced migration, that is to say bring over all settings, configuration and episode metadata.

NOTE: this will delete all the data on your RSSRadio7 installation.

Things you need:
  • - an email address
  • - a dropbox account
  • - a PC or Mac

Step 1, prepare your computer and dropbox account.

  • Ensure you have dropbox installed on your computer
  • From RSSRadio7, go to Settings, Backup and Sync, Backup Data, Dropbox Backup. You may need to link your dropbox account as part of this process. A "database only" backup is fine for this.
  • On your computer, confirm you can see a Dropbox subfolder called Apps, and in that you should see an RSSRadio7 folder with Backup\

Step 2, get the data out of RSSRadio Classic

  • In RSSRadio classic, go to Settings, Help and Support, Report a bug. BEFORE YOU PRESS SEND, change the destination email address to your own email address.

Step 3, copy the data over the top of RSSRadio7's backup

  • Using your computer, from the eMail that you just sent yourself, save the "" attachment and copy this over the top of the one from dropbox.

Step 4, import the data into RSSRadio7.

  • Go to RSSRadio7, Settings, Backup and Sync, Restore Data, Dropbox Restore. The database will be copied into your RSSRadio7 installation.

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