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About RSSRadio's DSP Effects

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2016 06:29PM UTC
One of RSSRadio7's key strengths is its custom written Core Audio playback engine, this allows some interesting functionality in the form of digital signal processing effects

Note: These effects are only available on downloaded audio shows, occasionally a show isn't playable by the enhanced engine and under this circumstance RSSRadio7 will fall back automatically to iOS's built in AVPlayer. DSP effects are not available in fallback mode.

Where to find the DSP effects

Access the DSP effects through the Settings option on the Now Playing screen; you can also fine them in the main Settings, Now Playing Settings.


The equaliser option allows the frequency response of the sound to be finely tuned through a number of presets (the same as the iPod app). "Spoken Word" would be a common choice for most podcasts.

The EQ can be used on all types of Podcast.

Audio Compressor

The audio compressor makes quiet sounds louder, and loud sounds quieter. This can be particularly useful in noisy environments such as cars and trains or where different podcast presenters have very different volume levels.

Using the Audio Compressor on Music podcasts will produce strange effects and is not recommended.

Volume Booster

The volume booster makes all sounds in the podcast louder, if a sound is already loud and amplifying it would produce distortion then the booster will hit a "limiter" and will not boost this sound. In this way it can be used to amplify only quiet parts of Podcasts without risking deafening you.

Using the Volume Booster on Music podcasts will produce strange effects and is not recommended.

Silence Skip

Silence Skip is absolutely my favourite effect. Silence Skip will remove all of the pauses and silence from Podcasts, on most independently produced spoken word podcasts this can be around 10% of the total time.

Normally you won't be able to tell the difference with Silence Skip active, other than the time you are saving.

Silence Skip is a great alternative to 1.25x or 1.5x playback and can be used on any kind of Podcast.

On very rare occasions Silence Skip can make it seem like the volume of the podcast is varying up and down, normally turning on the Audio Compressor negates this effect.

Leave Silence skip on all the time.

DSP Effects and Battery Life

The DSP effects are generally more work for your device, therefore its a logical to conclude that they will use a little more battery power.

The DSP effects are highly optimised and any extra battery drain won't be noticed. In fact with the Silence Skip it can end up saving battery as the total playback time is reduced.

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