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iSitter won't connect

Last Updated: Jul 07, 2016 06:23PM UTC
Under nearly all circumstances iSitter should connect by just pushing the "Baby" button on one device and the "Monitor" button on the other and choosing the right Baby device.

Don't forget you need to give permission on the baby side!

In the event that no connection happens, a bit of troubleshooting will be needed. Note you can run a network test under the help menu (do this on the parent device, with the baby device already running).


• Log both devices into the same iSitter connect account, even if you are connecting locally over wifi the cloud can help your devices find each other. (for free!)
• Try force closing iSitter on both devices (
• If just using wifi is ok - try choose "Wifi" when you activate the baby end.
• Check both devices have a valid internet connection with Safari and try iSitter Connect
• Use the personal hotspot function on the baby device, and connect the parent device to that hotspot.


Bringing the devices physically close and trying a Bluetooth connection is probably the first thing to try. Place the devices within 1m of each other.

Ensure that the bluetooth icon is in the status bar for both devices:

If one or both device doesn't have the Bluetooth icon, you can turn on bluetooth in the settings app.

For this test, you should also turn wifi off.

The 2 devices should now connect, in the event they don't connect I would recommend switching both devices completely off waiting 30 seconds then turning them on again.

If after restarting both devices no connection is occurring, then one of your devices probably needs either hardware service or wiping and restoring (Probably not worth it just to make iSitter work..)


Once you have the bluetooth connection working, you can turn on wifi on both devices. After ensuring that both devices are on the same wifi network and browsing with Safari to check connectivity then move the devices to their required position and try connecting.

NOTE: Some wifi networks don't allow inter device communication for security reasons
NOTE: Rebooting your wifi router may sometimes help

iSitter Connect

As well as the only option when you are trying to go across wifi networks or use cellular data, iSitter Connect can bypass a lot of strange issues with WiFi networks.

If you have any comments on this article, or suggestions. As always email me:

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